The Ficus Ginseng is a real gem of the Ficus family. The unique shape of the lower trunk and the intensely green leaves give this plant a stunning, authentic look. The Ginseng is an eye-catcher that does not steal the show. It exudes a certain calm and adds atmosphere to all spaces. A wonderful addition to any interior!

The Ficus Ginseng was inspired by the ancient art of Bonsai. Its greatest advantages are its fast growth and easy care. Just like Bonsai, Ginseng comes from the Far East, where they are cultivated in China and Malaysia. The unique root stump is cultivated first, which for some varieties, can take years. The small-leaved Ficus is then grafted onto the root. As a result, this small tree is strong, needs little care and is breathtakingly beautiful from top to bottom.

The name Ficus originates from the Latin for 'fig', and the Ficus Ginseng is one of the many varieties in the fig tree family. Ginseng is the Chinese name for root ginger, an herb with exceptional healing qualities. The root of the little Ficus Ginseng is cultivated to have the familiar shape of root ginger. According to the ancient Feng Shui philosophy, the plant has a positive impact on its surroundings and people's health.

This tree may come from afar, but the Ficus Ginseng is simple to care for and it copes well with the European seasons. This Ficus needs little water, though it’s important that the soil does not dry. You only need to water when all the liquid has been absorbed into the root ball by the plant. Light is also important.

The Ficus Ginseng needs a lot of light. You will soon know if it's in too dark a spot, because it will start losing its leaves. You can prune the Ficus to shape it, but you don't need to. Leaving the plant to its own devices is a popular choice. If you do prune it, do so in spring. Cut it back to the woody section of the plant, then the leaves will always grow back. Do not prune in winter, as there is not enough light at that time of the year for the leaves to regrow. 




of light


12°C and above



close to the trunk


soil dry

 The Ficus Ginseng is available in an S shape or a bulbous shape. The wonderful thing about this plant is that no two have exactly the same shape, lending it a self-willed and unique character and adding an Asian influence to your home. A lot of people don't know that the Ficus Ginseng can be taken outside in spring and left to decorate the patio or terrace throughout the summer. Alongside a water feature or other feature and a Buddha statue, it's the perfect plant for creating your own Zen corner in the garden!

The Ficus Ginseng is available all year round at all quality garden centers and specialist plant shops.



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